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Our Location

Located In The Heart of Shanghai

Floor 18, No. 118 Qinghai Road, Shanghai, China, 200041 Phone: +86.21.3376.5639 Web: www.uniqueview.com

Our Facilities

Our beautiful facilities are in the heart of both Shanghai and Beijing. Our head quarters in Shanghai are located just off the most famous and flourishing commercial street, Nan Jing West Road, in Shanghai, where many of the worlds most famous luxury brands can be found, along with a large selection of shopping malls.

The Shanghai focus group suite is facing outward so that clients have a pleasant outdoor view (which we hope helps soften the tedium of many hours in a darkened room). The observation windows to the focus group room wrap around the focus group giving more viewing angles. It comes equipped with state-of-the-art audio and video equipment and is FocusVision enabled (though we do also offer our own streaming service).

Our sister company facilities in central Beijing, are also brand new, state-of-the-art facilities, with three focus group discussion rooms to cater for various sizes and types of groups. All are equipped with the latest audio, video, and simultaneous translation equipment and back room viewing screens.

High-quality facilities are also available in most cities throughout China through our extensive trusted partner network.

Images Of Our Workplace