With most of our clients located outside China, an additional benefit UniqueView can offer for qual studies is our own video live streaming capabilities across all venues, and even home interviews, with the following features:

  • Company page created on site on which live streaming can be viewed
  • Streamed via very fast VPN servers outside China to minimise speed issues caused by China Firewall
  • Video can be watched by as many computers as needed simultaneously
  • Can be viewed on smartphones or tablets.
  • Chat option built into company stream page to communicate directly with person at facility to give quick feedback and directions for moderator
  • Use our own high quality video and audio equipment in any venue to standardise quality across venues and allow better viewing angles
  • Immediate upload of video/audio files to archive directory linked to from your company stream page and viewable online immediately.
  • Option also available for Ethnography Home Interviews
  • Significantly cheaper than FocusVision, whilst allowing more freedom of choice of facilities.
  • FocusVision is also offered (if preferred)
  • Mobile wireless cameras give much wider choice of viewing angles