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A realiable partner for your Chinese market research

We understand one of the main issues for companies seeking to do market research in China is the quality of data they obtain. Fake or invalid data obtained through practices that lack integrity are all too common in China, and we are keenly aware of the many ways that shortcuts get taken in carrying out fieldwork to save costs and time.

With over 10 years experience carrying out Chinese market research in hand, our professional fieldwork team reliably produces high quality results through applying rigorous quality control into all our fieldwork procedures (with particular emphasis on recruitment), overcoming most of the common issues with data quality in China. We take a long term partnership approach to our clients so we know that reliable, high quality data delivered on time is of paramount importance.

We value openness and honesty in our communications, so throughout a projects lifecycle, should any issues arise we let our client know so that they can be addressed quickly and effectively before escalating and all parties are kept clearly in the picture. We believe the approach we take reliably produces data that surpasses expectations, and gives accurate information to help drive our clients marketing strategies in China.

Being a professional research provider, we have expertise in online, traditional and mixed-mode data collection methods. Our fieldwork team comprises of highly skilled and experienced personal who are able to handle a wide range of projects.

Qualitative Market Research in China

UniqueView is highly experienced in conducting qualitative research in China and we can use the full range of qualitative methodologies, including:

We have full in-house facilities for carrying out most forms of qualitative research in China.

Quantitative Market Research in China

UniqueView has years of experience in carrying out quantitative research in China and we are able to offer the full range of quantitative methodologies, including:

We are also able to recruit hard-to-reach respondents, other than general populations.

For a more detailed description the services we offer conducting Chinese Market Research, please contact-us.