China Translation Proof Reading

Professional translation demands intelligence and insight requiring far more than simply being able to ‘speak the language’. Our research is aimed at gathering meaningful and relevant information, so it is essential that all the documents are translated accurately and that any colloquial language is translated intelligently to ensure accuracy of the respondent’s answers. To guarantee its accuracy, we select experienced, native translators who have an excellent command in both market research and the target languages and who are thoroughly briefed by our Project Management team to ensure they fully understand the underlying concepts and aims of the research. The result is an accurate and intelligent translation giving as close to the original meaning as possible.

We are able to translate the following kinds of research documents:

  • Research briefs
  • Research proposals
  • Screeners
  • Questionnaires
  • Discussion guides
  • Project manuals
  • Open-end answers
  • Transcripts
  • Reports
When every detail counts, and precision and accuracy are paramount, back translations are a tool we often use to ensure this. To eliminate any doubt of inconsistencies and provide quality final results, an independent translator who was not previously involved in the project will do the back translation.

UniqueView has a pool of proof readers who are among the best in the business. Their considerable experience and expertise include the following:

  • Reading proof word-by-word and comparing it with the original manuscript.
  • Making marks and corrections absolutely clear on the margin.
  • Watching out for errors in punctuation.
  • Checking consistency of font sizes.