Desk Research in China

UniqueView has wide experience conducting Secondary Research in China

Desk research is a cost effective and relatively time efficient means of gathering information that already exists on the market in question. As this information already exists it can be a lot faster to obtain offering unique benefits for international studies, where barriers of distance and communication make primary data gathering potentially quite expensive and time consuming. Through years of experience conducting desk research in China we have learnt to be efficient and effective in finding relevant information and understanding the kinds of information that are required. Finding this information requires persistence and intelligence as the information can be limited and hard to find.

UniqueView ensures quality and efficiency through the following methods:

  • Using experienced researchers with industry experience within the area we are gathering information.
  • Cross checking important information from different resources.
  • Using reliable resources
  • Only from up-to-date resources

For a more detailed description the services we offer conducting Desk research in China , please contact-us.